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profitina's Journal

Hey, I'm 24yrs old and almost done with my undergrads in Psychology. I live in TX and have gotten an unhealthy addiction to Twilight... but try to keep it restrained to the web. I love animals and learning new things. I'm also big on stand up comedy and have an eclectic taste in music. I make jewelry (I can custom make something if anyone is interested, my prices are very reasonable) and are getting into photography. Lately, I've taken to reading fanfic for hours when I'm bored instead of picking up a novel so I've been flying through the stories. I'd probably be scared if I flipped back through my history to count just how many stories I've read this summer!

None of my friends are big on Twilight so if you want to chat, ask for my screen names :).
Also, if you need any advice or information on something psychology related for a story (or whatever...) I'd be happy to help. I've taken a wide variety psychology and sociology courses and have experienced a lot more than the average person in my personal life. I have tons of psych websites, etc. bookmarked from my classes and can easily pass along any info you need to research something for a story or personal use.